Saturn PCB Services

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Domestic PCB Consultant for Direct Overseas Sourcing  

Only NA PCB Technical Support for High-Volume Offshore Production

Saturn PCB Services (SPCBS) supports High-Volume Procurement exceeding the conventional PCB Brokering Model. In other words, customers directly source their High-Volume Applications with an Overseas Principal for the lowest Bare Board Pricing. Once the program launches we serve as a bridge between you and our principal. For example, we will provide support by addressing your Quality Issues or handling Delivery Concerns. Accordingly, SPCBS established key locations for our numerous experts to provide you with real-time, same-language support. It is the only PCBC model in the industry supporting these particular concerns.


  • Engineering / DFM Issues
  • Quality Issues
  • Delivery Concerns


  • Design Analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Impedance / Stackup Calculations
  • Failure Analysis
  • Lab Services
  • Ionic Design Review


  • Glory Faith (China)
  • Elec & Eltek (China)


  • Automotive
  • HDI
  • Flex Circuits
  • Rigid-Flex

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