Via-in-Pad Alternatives


Traditional Via-In-Pad technology utilizes a complex sequence of processes to achieve the desired result of being able to solder to the top of a via or minimize component footprint.

We have taken experience from Asia to install an HDI via fill plating process that dramatically reduces the number of steps required while at the same time allowing for smaller circuit line and spacing.

If through holes can be eliminated, we have had customers also experience further significant cost savings.

Via-in-Pad - Plated Over

1. Inner Layer Image

2. DES

3. AOI

4. Oxide

5. Press

6. Drill Vias

7. Desmear

8. Plate

9. Button Image

10. Button Plate

11. Via Fill

12. Planarize

13. Shadow

14. Cap Plate

15. Drill Through Holes

16. Desmear

17. Plate

18. Image

19. Plate

20. SES

21. Normal Process...

HDI - Plated Shuthdi-vip


1. Drill Inner Layer

2. Shadow

3. Image

4. Cu / Sn Plate

5. SES

6. ML Press

7. Drill Blinds

8. Via Fill Plate

9. Image

10. DES