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Topics range from laminate and final finish considerations to fabrication and assembly guidelines. 

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Pre-Bake Suggestions for Pb-Free Final Finishes

Finish       Temp
  Shelf Life   Comments
      125°C   4 hrs
  3 mths
  Higher Temp may reduce solderability
Silver       150°C   4 hrs   6 mths   Silver may tarnish, solderability not affected
ENIG       150°C   4 hrs   12 mths   No issues with extended bake on ENIG finish
OSP       105°C   4 hrs   3 mths   Extended bakes affect multiple heat cycles

Commonly Called-Out Pb-Free Capable Materials

Lead-Free Assembly Compatible PWB Fabrication and Assembly Processing Guidelines
Technical Bulletin from Isola
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 Resin   4101/99, /124 4101/101, /121 4101/126, /129
Primary   Epoxy Difunctional Epoxy Epoxy
Alt 1   Multifunctional Epoxy Multifunctional Epoxy Multifunctional Epoxy
Alt 2   MOD/non-Epoxy (max 5%) MOD/non-Epoxy (max 5%) MOD/non-Epoxy (max 5%)
Fillers   /99: Inorganic; /124: no    /101: Inorganic; /121: no /126: Inorganic; /129: no
Tg   150 C min. 110 C min. 170 C min.
Td   325 C min. 310 C min. 340 C min.
T260 (min)   30 min 30 min 30 min
T288 (min)   5 min 5 min 15 min
T300 (min)   ABBUS ABBUS 2 min

    Latest on Lead-Free Capable Materials
Advancements in lead-free materials are not necessarily restricted to the materials themselves; they often develop in our knowledge base of the characteristics and performance criteria of the already available library of materials in the marketplace. According to Steve Jobs, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”
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