IPC Standards

While we can't publish the actual IPC standards, we're hoping this summary page of IPC standards and relevant core specifications will be of assistance. We believe that designers have the power to control the cost and quality of their product for the long term by specifying materials and inspection considerations via IPC standards. This allows the latest specifications to be used in the build and approval of products throughout their lives.

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  IPC-2221       Generic Standard on Printed Board Design 
  IPC-2222   Sectional Design Standard for Rigid Organic Printed Boards 
  IPC-2223   Sectional Design Standard for Flexible / Rigid-Flexible Printed Boards                         

  Base Dielectric, Foils, and Adhesives for Flex Applications
  IPC-4101       Base Materials (laminates) for Rigid & Multilayer PCBs
  IPC-4104   High Density Interconnect (HDI) and Microvia Materials     
  IPC-4202   Flexible Base Dielectrics for Use in Flexible Printed Boards       
  IPC-4203   Cover and Bonding Material for Flexible Printed Circuitry
  Flexible Metal-Clad Dielectrics for Use in Fabrication of Flexible Printed Circuitry           
  IPC-4562   Metal Foil for Printed Wiring Applications

  Performance Specifications
  IPC-A-600        Acceptability of Printed Boards                                                                               
  IPC-6012   Spec for Rigid PCBs     
  IPC-6013   Spec for Flexible / Rigid-Flexible Printed Boards       
  IPC-6018   Spec for High Frequency (Microwave) Printed Boards


  Final Finishes
  Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold (ENIG) Plating for PCBs                  
  IPC-4553   Immersion Silver Plating for Printed Circuit Boards 
  IPC-4554   Immersion Tin Plating for Printed Circuit Boards                         
  IPC-4556   ENEPIG Plating for Printed Circuit Boards 
  ASTM-B-488   Electrodeposited Coatings of Gold for Engineering Uses         
  MIL-G-45204   Electrodeposited Gold Plating on Metallic Surfaces

  Electrical Testing
  IPC-9252       Electrical Testing of Unpopulated Circuit Boards                                 

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