Specification for Base Materials (Laminates)cta-via-microfill

IPC-4101 covers requirements for wide range of base materials, referred to as laminate or prepreg, to be used primarily for rigid or multilayer printed boards.

Recommended Drawing Call-Outs

Specifying a slash sheet from this specification is the best way to designate the right material to be used.

Refrain from specifying laminate or prepreg by brand name, Tg, or Td.

Common Lead-Free Capable Materials

 Resin   4101/99, /124 4101/101, /121 4101/126, /129
Primary   Epoxy Difunctional Epoxy Epoxy
Alt 1   Multifunctional Epoxy Multifunctional Epoxy Multifunctional Epoxy
Alt 2   MOD/non-Epoxy (max 5%) MOD/non-Epoxy (max 5%) MOD/non-Epoxy (max 5%)
Fillers   /99: Inorganic; /124: no    /101: Inorganic; /121: no /126: Inorganic; /129: no
Tg   150 C min. 110 C min. 170 C min.
Td   325 C min. 310 C min. 340 C min.
T260 (min)   30 min 30 min 30 min
T288 (min)   5 min 5 min 15 min
T300 (min)   ABBUS ABBUS 2 min