Flexible Circuits


Flexible Circuits are made from materials allowing for a non-planar positioning within the end product.  Typical materials are polyimide-based, and can go under trade names such as Kapton (DuPont).


Often flexible circuits are used for applications that have repeated flex cycles, such as cellular phones, doors, etc.  A growing application for flexible circuits are their use as a connector in LED-based lighting systems.  Often, there are two components: a metal substrate LED PCB; an FR-4 based digital driver PCB.  These two devices are often connected with a high profile and sometimes costly connector cable; however, a flexible PCB in its place provides a lower profile, slimmer design, and higher reliability.

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Flexible Printed Circuit Sample Boards


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Medical Flex Circuit

Flex Board with stiffener for added flex component support.
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Flexible LED PCB


Flex Circuit with 0.030" non-continuous aluminum stiffener heatsinks.
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Long Cable HDI


Flexible Circuit with 16" long cable and blind microvia.
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Stiffeners for Handling


Flex Board with partially-attached stiffener tabs for handling.
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HDI Long Cable

Flexible Circuit with blind microvia; 0.004" thickness. 
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Small Flex Board


Flex Circuit with ENIG finish.
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Commercial Flex Board


Flex with overhanging / midpoint stiffeners.
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