Flex Circuit Stiffeners


Flex Circuit Stiffeners (Rigidizers, Supports) are used to stabilize certain parts of the board to impede bending and protect solder joint integrity. Though the stiffener has no electrical interconnections, it is used to increase thickness for certain applications. 


  • FR4
  • Polyimide
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel

Stiffener Bonding

  • FR4 Prepreg
  • PSA (Pressure-sensitive adhesive) alternative to thermal bond
  • Same adhesive used to attach coverlay (e.g., Bondply)

Sample Boards

Alternating Aluminum Stiffener Heatsinks
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Aluminum Stiffener


LED PCB with 0.030" Aluminum Stiffener Heatsinks.
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Glass Stiffener


Flexible Circuit with Flip Chip Array for Wire Bonding.
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Stiffener for ZIF Connector

4-Layer Board (2 Rigid; 2 Flex) with Hard Gold Fingers.
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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

PSA to ease Assembly of his High-Mobility Flex Circuit.
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