the Conduit

The Saturn Group's Quarterly Newsletter


Q1 2018
2018 Year-in-Review
2018 marked another year for Saturn’s production transformation. Just a few years back we were heavily reliant on the LED PCB market but as competition eroded margins and pulled work overseas, Saturn was caught a bit off guard. However, we excel at change management. Having grown with automotive just to see it all move overseas in 2001, we subsequently took a leadership position in the transition to lead-free in 2004 before surviving and actually thriving during the 2009 recession by helping to pioneer the LED PCB market.
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Q4 2016
To Bake or Not to Bake
Examining the Impact of Waiving PCB Pre-Baking Prior to Assembly
I'll always remember the summer of 2004 as the Summer of Lead-Free. Finally, Pb-free circuit boards were going into standard production mode. Assemblers focused the majority of their efforts (often at my behest) on final finish and proper laminate selection. What none of us saw coming, however, was the rash of delamination that would burn the entire industry during that long, hot Lead-free Summer.
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Q3 2016
Lessons in Leadership from my Father
When I was asked to contribute an article for this issue on Leadership, I thought it was an opportune time since my Dad, Nagji Sutariya, had recently passed away. I had spent nearly every daylight hour with him since I started working with him at Saturn in 2001. Along the way, I picked up what drove him as a businessman, a father, and a member of our community. I am proud to share the lessons I gleaned along the way.
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