Industry Discussions

A Conversation with Yash about PCB Fabrication 
Reliability Matters June 2019 reliability-matters-podcast-yash

Yash and Mike discuss what every bare board buyer should be concerned about as Yash also provides a few helpful tips that when auditing or selecting a PCB supplier. Reliability Matters is a podcast on the subject of reliability of circuit assemblies. Reliability "best practices" and success stories are discussed.
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Upping the U.S. Service Level of Chinese Manufacturing
IPC APEX EXPO™ 2015 china-pcb-mfg

Yash and Eddie Tang of Glory Faith discuss the unique business relationship between their companies. SPCBS provides consulting and technical service in North America for GF, including rework and emergency manufacturing capability in its North American plants.
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Revolutionizing Equipment Repair & Service
IPC APEX EXPO™ 2015china-pcb-us-service

Steve Williams, Randy Cook of CalTeks and Yash discuss the foreign equipment now readily available to North America and the importance of having access to domestic quality repair and service to fully take advantage of these considerably less expensive machines manufactured in China.
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Bringing Manufacturing Back to America
IPC APEX EXPO™ 2013mfg-back-america

What happens after the “shine” of China has faded? Will manufacturing return to North America or will it just move on to the next low-cost country?  Industry icons Steve Williams, Eric Miscoll, Yash Sutariya, and Shane Whiteside examined these questions and more for RealTime with IPC.
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Reshoring America: Is it a Myth?  
IPC APEX EXPO™ 2013reshoring-america-fpcb

Is it ever coming back? Mike Carano (OMG), Yash Sutariya (Saturn Flex Systems) and Roland Valentini (Gardien) discuss pivotal issues and share their strong opinions on the possibility of manufacturing returning to America.  Be sure to catch this lively discussion from the San Diego Expo.
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Marketing in Today's PCB Climate
IPC APEX EXPO™ 2013marketing-pcb

Host Dan Beaulieu sits down with PCB MFG industry veterans Judy Warner (Transline Tech), Yash Sutariya (Saturn Flex Systems) and Stuart Hayton (MuTracx) to discuss contemporary marketing strategies, the impact of social media, some "do's and dont's" and much more.
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