Technology Roadmap

Customer-Driven Technological Capability

Saturn Flex’s FPC / Rigid-Flex PCB manufacturing capabilities are among the Industry Leaders and continue to grow year-by-year at rapid rate. Compounding this growth are our increased advanced capabilities for rigid PCBs including open cavities, HDI, sequential laminations, and extreme heavy copper. If there is a demand for a given process, Saturn Flex will make the necessary investments to add capability.

SFS Capabilities at a Glance
 Layer Count  1 - 24+
 Largest Panel Size  18" x 24"
 Smallest Circuit Width / Spacing                       .003 mils, .002 mils proto
 Material Types   Polyimide, PET, LPC, FR4, Teflon, Arlon, Metal Heat Sinks
 Smallest Mech. Drilled Hole  .004"
 Hole Size / Dimensional Tolerances   +/- .003" and +/- .002"
 Final Finishes 
 HASL, Immersion Silver/Gold, Deep Gold
 Lead Free Finishes  Pb-Free HASL
 Electrical Testing  Flying Probe
 Fabrication  Routing & Scoring, Array Layouts
 Plasma Processing Unit
 Printed Electronics Ag Ink Bumping, Metal-Core, Heat Sink
 Laser  Drilling, Routing and Trimming

Production Capabilities


 Feature Current Capability Future Capabilities
 Substrate Minimum Thickness .001" .001"
 Maximum Operating Temperature 356F 500F
 Maximum Layer Count 24+ 30+
 Silver Conductive Ink Impedance < 6 mΩ / Sq / Mil < 6 mΩ / Sq / Mil


Feature Current Capability Future Capabilites
 Min. Finished Hole Size                
.002" .001"
 Blind / Buried Vias .003" - .002" .001"
 Routing Tolerance .005" .005"
 Scoring Tolerance .005" .005"


Feature Current Capability Future Capabilites
 Minimum Lines / Spaces              
.002" .001"
 Minimum Quad Flat Pack Pitch .016" .016 - .012'
 Minimum Pad Size .004" .004" - .003"
 Soldermask Registration .003" .002"
 Soldermask Tolerance .002" .002"

Plating and Surface Finishes

Feature Current Capability Future Capabilites
 Finished Copper Thickness           
20 oz. 20 oz.
 Hot Air Solder Leveling Yes Yes
 Lead-Free Solder (HAL) Yes Yes
 Full Body Hard Ni/Au Yes Yes
 Immersion Gold/Silver Yes Yes
 OSP Yes Yes