Technology Roadmap

Customer-Driven Technological Capability

SFS FPC / Rigid-Flex manufacturability continues its rapid growth.

We also upgraded our rigid capabilities to now include cavities, HDI, sequential lamination, and heavy copper.

If there is a demand for a given process, Saturn Flex will make the necessary investments to add capability.

SFS Capabilities at a Glance
 Layer Count  1 - 48+
 Largest Panel Size  30" x 30"
 Smallest Circuit Width / Spacing                       .003", .002" proto
 Material Types   Polyimide, PET, LPC, FR4, Teflon, Arlon, Metal Heatsink
 Min. Mech. Drilled Hole  .003"
 Hole Size / Dimensional Tolerances                     +/- .003" and +/- .002"
 Final Finishes 
 HASL, Immersion Ag/Au/Sn, Deep Au, ENIG, ENEPIG, OSP
 Lead Free Finishes  Pb-Free HASL
 Electrical Testing  Flying Probe
 Fabrication  Routing, Beveling, Scoring Array Layouts
 Plasma Processing Unit
 Printed Electronics Ag Ink Bumping, Metal-Core, Heatsink
 Laser  Drilling, Routing and Trimming


 Feature Capability
 Substrate Min Thickness .001"
 Max Operating Temperature  356F
 Max. Finished Cu Thickness 20 oz
 Ag Conductive Ink Imped < 6 mΩ / Sq / Mil


 Feature Capability
 Min. Finished Through Hole Size          
 Min. Blind Via Diameter .002"
 Routing Tolerance .005"
 Scoring Tolerance .005"


 Feature Capability
 Min Lines / Spaces                
 Min Quad Flat Pack Pitch  .016"
 Minimum Pad Size .004"
 Soldermask Registration .003"