Terms and Conditions

QSP 030 Terms and Conditions for Acceptance of Quote

Due to the complexity in generic terms and conditions often included with customer purchase orders, we have outlined the following terms and conditions that supercede Purchase Order Terms and Conditions upon acceptance of a Saturn Electronics Corporation quotation. Should you have any question or disagreement with any of the points below, please contact your inside Sales Representative at Saturn so that we can arrange for either a waiver of any particular point or cancellation of Purchase Order.

  • Reference IPC 6012
  • Maximum liability (cost of PCB or up to 5x for open/short)
  • Saturn performs Design for Manufacturability, not design for application.
  • Warranty reporting time limit:
    • Bare board – one year after shipment for solderability, with the exception of immersion tin and immersion silver finishes (6 months)
    • Assembly – six (6) months after shipment
  • All product to be returned for failure analysis
  • Once issue is identified and confirmed, it is Customer responsibility for containment of all products shipped.
These terms and conditions supersede any generic terms and conditions provided by customer.